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LTL Freight Rating Software with Fedex/UPS Ground
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Some of the carriers that work with us
  • LTL Rating System with Fedex and UPS Ground
  • Reduce LTL Costs by average of 20%
  • Now on the cloud!
  • Updated to include Fedex and UPS Ground
  • LTL rates are anchored to your origin zip.
  • Get reports on where you ship and carriers you use.
  • One time charge for software, then you control.
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.
  • Access to internet gives you access to Quick Rate.
  • Display total LTL costs for day, week, month, year.
  • Stop paying a 3PL. Keep the money for yourself.
  • Are you really sure your 3PL is working for you?
  • Speak directly to carriers' agents for the best deal.
  • Puts constant pressure on carriers to lower cost.
  • -Cost-

    There are two main ways software that runs on the cloud can be delivered to you, PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).   SaaS is where you pay a monthly fee to use the software. The fee covers the cost of the cloud plus what ever cost the provider charges to generate revenue for themselves.   You will get freight savings with this method but you must pay that fee every month. After all, software providers have to eat too, and they rely on the monthly fee to pay the food bill.   Fees for the use of the software are usually calculated by how much you ship and how much they say they are saving you each month. This service usually includes the yearly updates to the carriers' rate bases and may include changes in your tariffs.

    Quick Rate is delivered on a PaaS model.   You will pay a monthly fee for the cloud account just like in the previous example.   This fee is the same for both models but is hidden in the SaaS model.   In the PaaS model (Quick Rate) the cloud account costs run about $20 to $25 per month.   With Quick Rate there is a one time charge for the use of the software.   You can continue to use Quick Rate as long as you keep your cloud account active.   There will be no further charges for the software.   With this software you will be responsible for the updates to the rate bases and the tariffs.   This is the big difference between Quick Rate and other cloud based software packages.   One time charge for rights to use the software, same as buying Windows software, and you are responsible for the carrier updates.   Quick Rate comes with a full help file and easy to follow menu to guide you through the updating process.   The one time charge for Quick Rate is $4,950.00 plus a sales tax of 8.4% for a total of $5365.80.   This covers uploading of all your carriers' rate bases plus setting the discounts of all your tariffs.   The day the software package is delivered to you, you will be able to start using it to select the lowest cost carrier.   If you ship $100,000 worth of freight a year and currently use no software to help you select the carrier, you should be able to pay for Quick Rate in the first 3 months.   After that, you put the savings directly into your pocket.