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LTL Freight Rating Software with Fedex/UPS Ground
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Some of the carriers that work with us
  • LTL Rating System with Fedex and UPS Ground
  • Reduce LTL Costs by average of 20%
  • Now on the cloud!
  • Updated to include Fedex and UPS Ground
  • LTL rates are anchored to your origin zip.
  • Get reports on where you ship and carriers you use.
  • One time charge for software, then you control.
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.
  • Access to internet gives you access to Quick Rate.
  • Display total LTL costs for day, week, month, year.
  • Stop paying a 3PL. Keep the money for yourself.
  • Are you really sure your 3PL is working for you?
  • Speak directly to carriers' agents for the best deal.
  • Puts constant pressure on carriers to lower cost.
  • -Fedex/UPS Ground-

    Clients and potential clients began asking if Fedex and UPS Ground could be included in the display with the LTL rates.   The problem was coming from small loads that could ship ground rates or floor rates.   Selecting the wrong one meant extra costs to the client.   The answer of course was yes and at the beginning of 2014 the update was completed.

    The rating works like this.   Any shipment under 150 pounds will also be rated for Fedex ground or UPS ground or both depending on what you have in your database.   The original installation of Quick Rate will contain both.   The amount of the rate depends on the number of packages and weight of packages.   You can see the difference by logging into the demo and enter this shipment in the outbound category under Run - Destination Zip - 60601, Class - 125, Weight 100, and leave the default number of packages to 1.   Next change the number of packages to 10 but leave everything else the same.   There can be as much as a $60.00 difference even though the carriers' floors remain the same.

    For shippers that ship both large and small loads, this addition to Quick Rate can be a valuable tool in the fight to control costs.