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LTL Freight Rating Software with Fedex/UPS Ground
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Some of the carriers that work with us
  • LTL Rating System with Fedex and UPS Ground
  • Reduce LTL Costs by average of 20%
  • Now on the cloud!
  • Updated to include Fedex and UPS Ground
  • LTL rates are anchored to your origin zip.
  • Get reports on where you ship and carriers you use.
  • One time charge for software, then you control.
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.
  • Access to internet gives you access to Quick Rate.
  • Display total LTL costs for day, week, month, year.
  • Stop paying a 3PL. Keep the money for yourself.
  • Are you really sure your 3PL is working for you?
  • Speak directly to carriers' agents for the best deal.
  • Puts constant pressure on carriers to lower cost.
  • -How it works-

    LTL (less than truck load) carriers compete for your freight with service and pricing.   Quick Rate addresses the pricing side of the competition by listing all the carriers in your database for each LTL shipment sorted from lowest cost to highest cost.   Once Quick Rate is set up for your location, the only information required to get pricing for a shipment is destination zip code, class of freight and the weight.   For inbound freight you would enter the origin zip code of the freight you want to ship to your location along with the class and weight.

    Each shipment can be stored in a database that allows you and the carrier agents to analyze where your costs are going for your shipments.   This allows the agents to "fine tune" their tariffs for even greater savings.   If you allow the agents access to Quick Rate information on cost and destination of your typical freight, they can get aggressive on how they change your tariff.   Remember this, when the agent wins your freight you have shipped it at an even lower cost.

    Quick Rate looks similar to other online rate quoting websites but looks can be deceiving.   Some websites that give you a rate are using standard rates published by carriers for customers that do not have tariffs with the carriers.   These websites will say they are giving you a 65% discount and leave the impression you will save money when you use them.   Carriers will give you the same rates if you go directly to them and you won't be paying a middle man.   Other websites use an engine to calculate rates.   These websites are ok if you want to pay a monthly fee for the use of the software.   This fee can be based on your monthly sales or shipments and change with your volume.   Included in this fee is the monthly charge for the cloud account.   Quick Rate charges a one time fee for the use of the software.   From this point on the only charge to you is the small charge of your cloud account.