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Because Time is $$$$$
LTL Freight Rating Software with Fedex/UPS Ground
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Some of the carriers that work with us
  • LTL Rating System with Fedex and UPS Ground
  • Reduce LTL Costs by average of 20%
  • Now on the cloud!
  • Updated to include Fedex and UPS Ground
  • LTL rates are anchored to your origin zip.
  • Get reports on where you ship and carriers you use.
  • One time charge for software, then you control.
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.
  • Access to internet gives you access to Quick Rate.
  • Display total LTL costs for day, week, month, year.
  • Stop paying a 3PL. Keep the money for yourself.
  • Are you really sure your 3PL is working for you?
  • Speak directly to carriers' agents for the best deal.
  • Puts constant pressure on carriers to lower cost.
  • -Setup Steps-

    The following steps will guide you through the process and inform you of what needs to happen to get Quick Rate up and running and saving you money.
    1.   Email a copy of your tariffs to us at dennis@quickratesaves.com.   We will contact your carriers and ask them to submit their rate bases to us in the correct format.   They may need a little prodding from you.   Just explain to them that you will be using a software package to select the carrier for your shipments and if they want to participate then they must cooperate.
    2.   We will create a Quick Rate solution, load the carrier rates, and set the discounts.   This solution will be created on a local network and upon completion we will ask for some sample shipping invoices from you for testing.   We will also ask you to submit to us a password you would like hard coded into your Quick Rate solution.   This password allows you to log into Quick Rate if you have problems with your local passwords that you have entered into the solution.
    3.   Once testing is complete, we will ask you to create a Windows Azure account and submit your password to us.   You can change this password after the installation is completed.    When we have received your password, we will upload the Quick Rate solution to your account.    At this point we will send you the invoice for Quick Rate and you will be ready to go.