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Because Time is $$$$$
LTL Freight Rating Software with Fedex/UPS Ground
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Some of the carriers that work with us
  • LTL Rating System with Fedex and UPS Ground
  • Reduce LTL Costs by average of 20%
  • Now on the cloud!
  • Updated to include Fedex and UPS Ground
  • LTL rates are anchored to your origin zip.
  • Get reports on where you ship and carriers you use.
  • One time charge for software, then you control.
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.
  • Access to internet gives you access to Quick Rate.
  • Display total LTL costs for day, week, month, year.
  • Stop paying a 3PL. Keep the money for yourself.
  • Are you really sure your 3PL is working for you?
  • Speak directly to carriers' agents for the best deal.
  • Puts constant pressure on carriers to lower cost.
  • -Try It On Us-

    You can try Quick Rate free for a 60 day period just to get an idea of how it will save you on freight costs.   Just contact us and make a request for a free trial.   You will be asked to send us your current tariffs and contact numbers for the agents you work with.   We will contact the agents and have them send the rate bases that match the tariffs, load the rate bases into Quick Rate and set the discounts per your tariffs.   Finally we will load the trial copy onto our server and send you your user name and password to get logged on.   You will be able to use the actual production copy of Quick Rate free of charge for 60 days.   We believe that your savings in this time period will be enough to convince you that this is a good buy.   Your savings could also be enough to PAY FOR THE WHOLE INSTALLATION.   Imagine that, Quick Rate for free by just using it during a free trial period.

    If you want to see a demonstration, go to the "Inquire" tab and send us your name and email address. We will send the information that would allow you to log in and run some sample rates.